Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 13)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Men are from Mars,

And Ladies are from Venus.

Morning star bars,

I rise like a phoenix!

It is done!

The structure is neat

Literally weighing a tonne,

All is left is absorbing this marvellous feat!

An arrow spanning in the red orbit

Venus has 90 times the gravity of the predicted destination.

Viable circles run in the non-linear circuit,

He has plans for prevention and caution.

Spin of the telescope,

Rip pages out of previous journals.

Wash the body with pre-made soap,

Next stop, the nocturnals.

Mechanisms of the flesh,

Those are onyx when they overcome.

Hotter than Mercury aligned inmesh,

Some never made it, others continue at each crumb.

That planet is the second bright thing up there to pop,

My naked eye does not deceive,

With a skip and a hip,

All part of this domain sleeve.

Hinting at wisdom,

Risk was at hand.

In my design of a kingdom,

Where are my meaningful taxes economically of the land?

A ritual my give luck,

This is the best place that I have ever known.

What sat at my reach was hard to tuck,

Well, must be that growth hormone.

Was the Roman goddess of love and beauty real?

Generations to come make religions about me!

Tolerance is apart of the deal,

But sooner or later, all forces bend at the knee.

When the panic grew,

Those butterflies were loud.

Being a sudden fresh world view,

Needed to beat the looming shroud.

Feet were in the cockpit,

Face stuck between his legs.

Desperate ready to commit,

Clear flags in the variety of symbolising the reds.

Overall system turn on,

Adjust just how the proven experiments worked.

Add the side boosters at low automation,

Pulling the last button to become uncorked.

Thinking like a human,

Impulses are very compelling.

Frail ceilings shake and loosen,

Still, yet to begin the propelling.

Now or never,

Attachments of material is organised

Just pull the lever,

Faith shall become certified.

Roofing collapses,

Launchpad fill with surface soil,

Ash to ashes,

Advancement or snake oil?

Gas converting filtrations.

Squeezing around the senses.

Exterior aerial launches turn into abrasions,

Imagination of transportation is now a consensus.

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