First Impressions Of The Plague (1/5)

An article written by Lee Sonogan

The Plague (Popular Penguins) by Albert Camus

In this book with a reputation, I have gotten a fifth of the way through it. Somewhat difficult to read with more words on average in comparison to similar lengthed pages of a book although it is very relevant to modern times. This was what killed me in reading but I’m back at reading part two and maybe start another non-fiction I brought with this. Nonetheless, The Plague is a warning before a huge storm with many ideas so far having relevance to what has happened in regard to Covid-19.

The plague in real life killed millions, in this story it happens to one singular country town immediately putting in lockdown regulations. First, it was the rats piling up at every corner residential, industrial and commercial area. The main character, Doctor Bernard Rieux investigates it from his perspective. While other people introduced are to play upcoming roles. Mostly the descriptive power in observation, references to those who ignore and obey and the suspenseful nature is really strong for whatever genre it is.

Albert Camus was a lecturer, journalist and a writer I took a chance on in something made 1947 which later through research, there is a movie of it made in 1992. The philosophical nature already shows the authors own unique style just like his quotes. Surely it is going to get crazier based on my interpretation of the doctors becoming leaders in important choices. And the civilian’s protesting and causing all sorts of chaos for them.

While this is 1/5 for part or chapters however your edition explains the table of contents, one day I shall finish it for a more in-depth review. For now, watch the video below that continues to motivate me to consume and any other person to get interested by. The man behind the words is even more intriguing and plenty more fiction/body of work worthy of picking up for my own

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