Battlefield 1 (2016), a video game review

A video game review written by Lee Sonogan

(2016) Action, Adventure, History

Battlefield 1 Benchmarked: Graphics & CPU Performance

Really impressive graphics and stresses teamwork as an essential part of the gameplay. With a vast amount of different guns, equipment, melee weapons, skills and other items, the game really let’s you choose your own style. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys fps – J917 (Metacritic – 10/10)

For most first-person shooters I am very critical due to having a lot of features most of the gun games have. The Battlefield franchise never felt the same since I played this online and the campaign. For a next-gen game within the early Playstation 4 lineup, this underrated game is very memorable of how satisfying it was. Almost mastering sniping in the huge open fields with objectives, the general gameplay is as fun as any more recent battle royal fame.

For the story sake, it crosses a lot of linear tracks but the experience is very cinematic. From tight missions to fighting on horseback, it is action-packed. While I do praise it to some degree it pretty much was to short for what it could have been. Then the replay value is facing people in real-time, while can’t play it any more because of my PS4; PC on the internet has it somewhere and pops up on YouTube sometimes.

To some sense, the progression system may appear sluggish but overall they’re not many cons left to say. Aside from image, the sound just feels right in every location you could become standing in. Range of weapons and customization was just enough making a dynamic warzone like no other. I highly recommend it as it is my favourite one I have personally played but have been told later ones extend with larger-scale destructible building and such.


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