Journal Entry 71# Nearly Ten Years And A New Computer

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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In its own custom made MSI MAG Forge 100R Case, I commited to a new computing rig that not just another gaming system. Future-proofing my technical abilities for a long period of time, this was my first time building my own computer but already mostly assembled. The AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Processor is highly regarded at this current time and immediate differences from my previous Intel one. Then the GPU is three times the strength compared to my last one barely keeping up for games and creative exporting programs.

The MSI Ventus 3X OC RTX 3080 10GB Graphics Card is the reason I am able to play Red Dead Redemption 2 in a satisfying way at the moment. Reaching a smooth benchmark with lowest at 60 frames per second and highest closest to 100 depending on the setting, I need a 4K monitor capable of it is more than just smooth and visually worth it in resolution. Had to throw out two VGA monitors in this process and I had gotten used to two screens for writing too easy. Power too much more things, I even got double the ram specific to this card as well in comparison to the old beast that applied my content to the world.

For recording sake, I a film on my HDMI television at full high definition (1920×1080), all the options and choices can run at a higher bitrate at different thresholds. Graphics all turned all onto ultra but not that real potential this setup could be. Making a quick cinematic PUBG vid today found below, it did not crash or buff when proof viewing within the editor. And the creating speed was triple the speed without enabling accelerating from the internal force.

One other intriguing good old try is mining for cryptocurrency I wrote about a while back. Gambling like digital stocks is different than obtaining this type of coin very slowly I am expecting. If I can find the right network who do this sort of thing, time/effort running this machine might be a profitable endeavour more through a group effort. Surely there is more complicated software out there if you can see the conjuncture in how to implement them.

Transferring all my data and passwords took a couple of days, redownloading useful tools of this trade took a few more but I still managed to work on this blog. This extension of my hand of action will become of the benefit of that who linger around these parts and my curious nature to attach myself to greater questions and answers. Streaming my live activity is also an option although there is a pocket loss issues regarding my internet connection I believe or find a way to have a stable 720p.

PS – Also a first SSD (1 TB) external drive and an extra normal terrabyte one.

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