Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (Nov 2, Week 2)

Fantasy booking created by Lee Sonogan

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WWE – Quater-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. singles match – non-tittle

Charlotte Flair (C) vs Sasha Banks (C) (AEW) – Winner: Charlotte Flair (C) via dq. Mimicking last weeks match against Bailey (C), it also went 30 minutes. Although this time it was Bailey to interfere innovative stuff with signatures and finishers. Tony Khan teases a match for AEW with Flair having a surprise partner.

2. No.1 contenders for the trios tag team championship – fatal four way match ( one man from each faction)

Kane (The Ministry) vs AJ Styles (The OC) vs Triple H (Evolution) vs Kofi Kingston (The New Day) – Winner: AJ Styles > Petna, Pheonix and Mick Foley are on commentary as one by one the leaders of respective groups took to their concerns. Brawling about half left the ring and the other engaged each other with strikes. Kofi and AJ decide to work together to outspeed foes but eventually caught with big slams. Sequences of moves and AJ pulls of a spinning corkscrew moonsault and gets the pin over Kofi in the end.

3. Flag tag team match

Xavier Woods, Big E (The New Day) vs Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson (AEW) (The Young Bucks) – Winners: Xavier Woods, Big E (The New Day) Representing each brand, they charge to steal the other flags but are blocked. Many springboards and dives to incapacitate opponents. The finish is a Big Ending and a big elbow from the top rope done to Nick and Matt after each other. Then the flag was captured by WWE.

4. Main Event – Winner Goes Into The WWE Survivor Series Team – singles match (Non-title)

Undertaker (C) with Vince McMahon vs John Cena – Winner: Undertaker (C) with Vince McMahon > Taker gets a grand entrance full of pyro where it is almost dangerous. Cena comes out and cuts a promo for himself, elevating into main event territory. Going 15 minutes, Cena looks strong but one Tombstone piledriver was enough to take him out and protecting the finisher.

AEW – Quater-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. No.1 contender for interpromotional women’s tag team championship match

Charlotte Flair (C), Asuka (WWE) vs Billie Kay, Peyton Royce (The Iconics) – Winner: Charlotte Flair (C), Asuka > The Japanese superstar and former champ team with the current WWE champ. Billie and Peyton deliver on their various comedy spots. The new team build momentum and chemistry securing their spot against the now feuding tag champs. Bailey comes out says they will face at Survivor Series only on the condition that all belts are on the line, Charlotte Accepts.

2. singles match – non-tittle

Chris Jericho (C) vs Richochet (C) (WWE) – Winner: Richoceht (C) (WWE) > Going only ten minutes, Jericho slows the younger one down. Richochet gets three comebacks with the last one a 630 and the one-two three-pin. Jericho mad after steals the ladies idea and says wants rematch with both titles on the line. Richochet calls him fat, Chris establishes only if he can make the wait with two weeks left.

3. Winner Goes Into The WWE Survivor Series Team – singles match

Kazuchika Okada vs Jay White – Winner: Kazuckika Okada, the Chaos faction fights itself to represent their brand at the big PPV. Hesitate at the begging, the induce strong style, clubbing with all sorts of action. Knowing each other well, counters of expected movies became unpredictable. Going another 15 minutes, the Rainmaker on the top rope while standing, the bump involved a wicked backflip. The G1 winner goes into the Survivor Series team with the champ is he worthy of being no.1 contender of.

4. Main Event – For the tnt championship – singles match

Cody Rhodes (C) vs Pac – Winner: Cody Rhodes > Pac gets his rematch against Cody who is on a roll. Implementing the psychology of his father and extended experience of his brother, the back and forth became more and more one-sided in his favour. At one point Pac was going to give up but Cody throws him back in the ring. Cross Rhodes and he retains.

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