The Walking Dead (Book One), a graphic novel review

A graphic novel review written by Lee Sonogan

The Walking Dead, Book One by Robert Kirkman

Wow. I love this. Why didn’t I read these sooner? I’m not sure how I managed to watch the show and never read these. – B.A. Wilson (5/5)

While I have gone off the television series, the original 3 books that I read still remain of top quality in the zombie genre. Quoting Meegy from ‘Nice and quick read. A lot of differences between the comic book and the TV show’. Containing 24 issues of the first comics to come through, big graphic novels like this make for a fun binge-read, creative images and character origin stories. With over 300 pages, Robert Kirkman’s innovation was a hit in the early 20th century.

While the tv show has flaws in rushing things, the flow and timing are just right on every page. The greater details of the soul are put into all the scenes, settings, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. In the wasteland it keeps you guessing not knowing what will happen next in perspectives you can’t get on the moving screen. Then this story is more about the humans than the zombies if that could become a factor in considering this or not.

Overall I highly recommend it to the television fans and causal fiction readers of all kinds. After consuming this, you will be surprised at how much you enjoyed the experience the flew by. I would try to find where I was up to and finish the series, but what I completed was borrowed from friends. Concluding with this statement, this must be the last great zombie universe out there and would become surprised if any other form of media will be able to match it in the future.

It was a good book that put a twist on those zombie apocalypse horror franchise it’s a thrilling story that compelled me to buy the second book which I’m currently reading. Good read – Richard Short (5/5)


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