Journal Entry 70# First Impression Of Red Dead Redemption 2 (Prologue)

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Hayrettin Bayram - Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Photos (Cinematic) Arthur  Morgan Tribute.

Finally playing one of the alledged best video games of all time, now equipped to play and record it at high resolution; this long time waiting is paying off. Other than how that is possible (Details on new stuff on a future journal entry), I played over 2 hours straight and completed Chapter One which is mostly tutorial. Nonetheless, like all Rockstar games, the hints established and the massive open world I’m about to partake in is exciting.

Straight from the opening credits, the pure cowboy-style hits you in the face. Travelling with a crew of many Dutch is one out of two others worth remembering. The snow in this particular area hits you the most with thick 3D graphics although my freshest benchmark can handle anything. Gotta mention the tedious dialogue back and forth in a linear matter and I would not have understood it if I did not put the subtitles on. Choice limited in teaching you how to play, that hunting mission all the way to robbing a train are visually impressive.

Features of gameplay are difficult in getting used to on a keyboard but maybe that’s because of the number of camera angles and sensitivity that can become changed. Still, when you get the hang of it, the primitive firepower and other items are satisfying to use. Using auto-aim is something I still don’t how to use properly although it makes your targets and the progress too easy. Shoutout to the soundtrack brings suspense to my favourite moments so far.

Storywise, the main character seems generic but plenty of potentials to get brutal since the few choices I was able to make. Making a new campground preparing for the greater world I have seen footage on, the real epic fun will begin. Choices in side quests vs main campaign stuff or bigger range in collectable interaction. Based on the top of my head, there is a house to become built, Steam achievements to obtain and non-spoiled action to explore and reaction to for the first time.

There shall have a deep review on this due to already how I can describe it already. Speaking of distractions, this is one more thing keeping me from putting a focus back into ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE. People saying there are over 20 hours of cut scenes overall, I have plans for an edited movie with my own montages and content to be added to it. Or there is plenty of other applied uses to what I am collecting for future YouTube stuff.

PS – I think it does not even matter that I did not play the first one!

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