1408, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr44min (2007) Fantasy, Horror, Movie

1408 - Plugged In

If your horror movie tastes run less towards chainsaw-wielding maniacs and more towards things-that-go-bump-in-the-night, then this is the movie for you. Based on a short story by the great Stephen King, “1408” is one of the genuine movie sleepers of summer 2007. Buddy – 51 (IMDB – 8/10)

In my top 5 John Cusack films, this psychological thriller is by the esteemed author and authentic director Mikael Håfström. Simple but effective, the suspense it brings forth with various special effects and symbolic philosophy transcends a seemly low budget product. Mostly in the hotel apartment for the majority of what is trippy and what takes place, it is a solo performance worthy to remember within this genre. Cinematography is close and personal to whatever can be considered life after death and beyond!

With a 25$ million dollar budget, it made back at least 5 times that amount. To this day it has highly been forgotten about due to the average scores slowly shrinking down. There I want to make a case for being underrated for pure uniqueness on its own. The facade is multidimensional while transiting and morphing at a believable pace. While taking a few elements from specific tropes and unpredictable stuff, the flow is consistent in engagement and scenes that just deliver.

The psychedelic nature presents multiple paradoxes at once where it is not for everyone, while thought-provoking enough to stick around. Samuel L. Jackson shows a lot of chemistry in that open scene. I recommend it as the horror is delightful in conjunction with my preference for good fiction. To conclude that this is much more than the trailer found below!




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