Journal Entry 69# My Thoughts On Recent Parler And Other Censorship

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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With the moves in big tech to limit and highly control more than usual, I have an anxious feeling if these claws become more widespread. My presence would become up for grabs… In this journal entry of that particular number, I shall not be making jokes but comment on this trend linked to the USA political landscape. For those have been called a racist at least once before, or social media platforms labelling you something without constant. How fragile are you in comparison to the questionable algorithms of the mainstream? Or do alternative independent platforms deserve all the blame they are currently getting?

When people start throwing in the term ‘insurrection’, it only proves the polarization of presentation that is the norm. When viable decentralization, there is still plenty of push back from the bi-partisan systems people used today. With Parler basically entirely wiped from the internet (Amazon servers and app stores) with similar evidence (Oraganising the riot at the Capitol) found everywhere else online. What can become justified next? Parler for example holds policies maintaining it not entirely free speech to stop inciting of violence which is being overlooked.

Is Twitter biased as for myself personally liking a tweet lost me two or three followers? They have an overwhelming mentality of tribalism in radical left thinking worthy of equal bans like this since all the riots they had in 2020. The hypocrisy is gross during the new president gaining power which will become forgotten about. Eventually will maybe bring back this necessary freedom of speech restricted now and return in a truly central and neutral fashion.

Overall, the right central commentators that I consume has many concerns, I am still playing the waiting game in these issues so I’m not overreacting. There is some interest to start sharing older content from here to places like that although at this point you got to weigh up what is safe in the long run. I could break it down further into science with underlying data but my expertise can only go so far in interpreting a wide range of the abstract with references. And a scope in perspective hitting the mark in what I find proven journalistic integrity. At the surface level, the tone is loud and full of colour, on the other hand, there is still faith in the present in a conclusion.

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