Cognitive Dissonance Explained

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If you could imagine dissonance assuming human form – and what else is man? – this dissonance would need, to be able to live, a magnificent illusion which would spread a veil of beauty over its own nature Friedrich Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy, ed. R. Geuss & R. Speirs, Cambridge, 2007, 163. (p.154)” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Cognitive means these processes that include thinking, knowing, remembering, judging, and problem-solving. Dissonance is the lack of harmony within the musical notes or what intelligence is talking to each other in a negative way. The conflicting beliefs, attitudes and values is a discomfort factor stuck between both parties and hopefully aim to change frequencies to a unifying consistency. Otherwise, you will experience a debate where the motivation is usually the opposite in reaching solutions in the present.

Everyone has experienced this behaviour and phenomena before in their life whenever someone else allegedly caused them to get emotional without clarity. The psychological stress is if remains in inconsistency make both individuals avoid that tension by rejecting, repeating and avoiding new information. Force compliance in engaging when not prepared or do not feel equally passionate or dispassionate about certain topics or subjects.

The decisions that make small and big choices on something equally appealing becoming polarized to biases of two rights. Language and background labelled and established before any real discussion can take place. Identifying underlying data to understand what beliefs attached are important and separated into the neutral battleground of no collateral damage.

The pure impact really challenges perspectives on who you are and how they are presented. The best way to overcome is to be supportive enough to outweigh potential red flags. Be honest with contradictory hypocrisy rises and use fallacies as tools to see the next steps in logic. Willing to chance aspects of beliefs of quality of value to learn and educate your self from a different side putting you to the test.

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