Young Justice, a tv show review

A television review written by Lee Sonogan

23min (Season 1-3 – 2010-) Animation, Action, Adventure

Young Justice: In Memoriam - Comic Art Community

I started watching the first couple episodes of this just to kill some time but as the show went on I could not stop watching it!!!! IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE how I got addicted to it. It makes you cry, it makes you laugh, but one thing for sure is it keeps you 100% entertained. – kheradhooshnima (IMDB – 10/10)

What is the best DC Comics animated series? While there is a lot of contenders, the mature writing like most of the graphic novels stand up to the original Batman series that many have in high regard. Continuity wise season 1 and 2 told an epic story, for some cons number 3 left you with some desires. Then the pure uniqueness of wholesome moments vs serious plot with heaps of twists and turns.

Focusing on the younger heroes, the original Justice League makes more than some cameo appearances. Overall the world-building aspects of this show realistically put all points in delightful order. Most established and contra origins of new threats and missions, the action before and after is very suspenseful. Then factors of complexity in philosophy, science and much more brutal elements are greatly appreciated.

This is no kid show but has a family-friendly side to appreciate the real greatness of comic books in motion. Overwhelming praised by the online community and more, of course, it is highly recommendable. Still, season 3 coming out many years later on DC’s streaming site, there is season 4. Concluding, if you just forget about the flaws in the most recent, this deserves a high pedestal in a score and unpredictable scenes worthy of a lot of rewatch value.

Better than Avatar the Last Airbender – Despite being very different shows, I think they appeal to a similar audience (possible a little older for YJ). Extremely well made characters especially minority characters that fee like real people and not there just for show. Highly recommend to everyone! – willhwt (IMDB – 10/10)


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