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Jupiter's Moon: Ganymede | Exploring the Planets | National Air and Space  Museum

NASA’s Juno space probe has made an exciting discovery in Jupiter’s orbit, according to a NASA ambassador: the small spacecraft reportedly detected an FM radio signal coming from the Jupiter’s largest moon, Ganymede.

Some physics in space suggests that the main planet shields as from the fasted fireballs moving in the universe. Can signals picked up for five seconds, at 50km per second or 111,846 mph be more relevance towards this moon? Because many scientists have speculated on water being beneath the crust within the right conditions. Conspiracy clickbait or something in radio emissions we do not understand yet?

Quoting what is according to NASA, “Juno will observe Jupiter’s gravity and magnetic fields, atmospheric dynamics and composition, and evolution,”. For now the electrons in that environment in oscillated lower rates that then spin, amplifying all sorts of phenomena being tracked. Such as cyclotron maser instability (C.M.I), pus auroras in the ultraviolet spectrum. And maybe enough to capture/produce mimics of Wi-Fi and similar unseen to the eye patterns.

Decametric radar into the beyond is still very subjective, limiting underlying data better to understand if alien assumptions are credible. Then you have to consider the different types of gravity fields just like the areas outside the stars of nothing. One prediction about modern times is we only know half of what could be actually out there. High frequencies on Earth don’t always mean objective truths so by should not be a cynic when interpreting the next stage of human exploration.

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