Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 11)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Buoyancy is what I am.
Out of my grotto,
Back to the kinetic dam.
That extra steam automatically adds to the air,
Hearing the piston pressing back and forth.
Mounted cylinder in wear and tear,
Machinery dragging out walls of worth.
Maximum carnot efficiency,
A boiler at its source.
May the project live in infamy,
Riding the Norse dark horse.
Mere gravity is a contender,
Redefining the breath of life.
Infrastructure without surrender
First the airport with a carving knife.
Boosters of external tanks,
An orbiter for the crew of one.
Many screens acting as lamps,
Pushed by the internal mock sun.
Expecting space to become complicated,
It surely cannot support my solid form.
Anti-matter is what is fated,
Relative vacuums must be the norm.
Radiation is a phenomenon to consider,
Projection of the general direction.
Integrating a viable universal spark transmitter,
Like all things that experience is a matter of selection.
Activity of cybernetics from above,
Material documented is predictable enough.
Simply as a measuring cup,
Not an inconsistent bluff.
Orbit through the dust,
Leaving this red symbol behind.
My telescope inevitable to rust,
No more left to grind.
Blue observation,
Planetary potential colonization.
New salvation,
Central progress conserving at each ration.
Procrastination a bother,
Therapy in all the aesthetic.
Ears and antennas of order,
If aligning within the correct metric.
Thy interstellar vessel,
Sailing somewhere close,
Will it be successful?
Crashing and burning before even entering the cosmos…
Curiosity of riches on the way,
Treasure awaits in recycling the stars,
Tomorrow is another day,
Recycling the job’s tears.
Frontier of a real challenge,
Nature bends at the right amount of will.
Delivery self as a package,
Personal wisdom needed to fulfil.
Back to the future?
Or truth of the past?
Is he immune to a tumour?
Answer, because I have asked!
Who said that?
Tell me what you want?
Am I just a brain in a vat?
You were as clear a savant.

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