Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (Nov 1, Week 1)

Fantasy booking created by Lee Sonogan

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WWE – Quater-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

Vince and Tony Khan meet in the ring to discuss a greater wager to unfold at the Survivor Series. Winner Gets 5 Contracts from the opposing teams and the losing team also has to put 5 people in the free agency

1. Winner Goes Into The WWE Survivor Series Team – singles match

The Fiend (C) vs Richochet (C) – Winner: The Fiend (C) > The IC champ no-sells the cruiserweight champions flurry of fast pace action. Then a simply mandible claw to make it in the next PPV. The light goes out and he teleports away when it returns.

2. singles match

Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman vs Rob Van Dan (AEW) with Sabu (AEW) – Winner: Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman > Similar like the previous match but RVD get two to three comebacks with one because of Sabu. Suplex City and two F-5s in a row.

3. singles match

Charlotte Flair (C) vs Bailey (C) (C) (AEW) – Winner: Charlotte Flair (C) via dq > Going for 30 minutes it was getting very memorable for this fantasy booking goes. Laying in innovative stuff with the classic signatures and finishers. Sasha Banks comes out of nowhere and hits Baily square in the head.

4. Main Event – ten-man tag team match

Undertaker (C), Kane, Kevin Owens, Abyss, Shane McMahon (The Ministry vs Kazukika Okada (AEW), Jay White (AEW) (Robbie Williams) (AEW), Shawn Micheals (AEW), Tomoguri Ishii (AEW) – Winners: No Contest > Going 40 minutes, The Ministry is back and better than ever with the new champ organising and yelling orders. Chaotic, it is called when all the rest of the AEW roster tale the WWE people in the ring out. All the WWE roster fight back and they have the greater numbers. Shawn Micheals sucker Superman kicks Steve it body slams him off the stage and through a table. Heaps of security come in to break up all wrestlers engaging.

AEW – Quater-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

Tony Khan automatically announces Cain to be in the upcoming survivor series match.

1. singles match

Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWE) vs Kenny Omega (C) – Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin > Heeling it up, Steve kept Kenny on the ground with chain wrestling. Kenny struggles to transition and make his come back until a giant big back body drop. Omega with a big knee but only a 2 count. Going toe to toe in strikes, a big Stunner to pick him up and do a second one. This gives him the victory and shows his still healthy in suggest what next. Stone Cold challenges Shawn Micheals to an Iron Man match after the match. No response from the screen.

2. Handicap match

Dax Hardwood (C), Cash Wheeler (C) (FTR) vs Big Show (C) with Jim Cornette (WWE) – Winner/s: Dax Hardwood (C), Cash Wheeler (C) (FTR) > Jim says he wants the AEW tag team belts before the match took place and this was a stipulation for them to think about it. Firstly show overpowers them but eventually is chopped down by constant tags.

3. singles match – Non-tittle

Cain Valeques (C) with Joe Rogan vs Hiroshi Tanahashi – Winner: Cain Valeques (C) via countout. Hiroshi shows his main event skill owning his moments on the current heavyweight of this world. Cain goes for takedowns but makes mistakes as this was predicted. Just when it was getting good in the segment-leading to a big splash, body language changed by the Japanese superstar. Going twenty minutes with half offensive with distance and other got yas, Hiroshi walks backstage not caring about countout and possible heel turn.

4. Main Event – for the tnt championship – fatal four way

Pac (C) vs Chris Jericho vs Cody Rhodes vs CM Punk – Winner: Cody Rhodes (C), they split into one on one contests really quickly to swap oppositions. Jericho gets an early Judas Effect but is broken up by Punk. CM has Rhode on shoulders and Jericho on the floor, PAC on top rope standoff Rhodes back and hits a Black Arrow. Punk drops Rhodes and breaks the pin for Rhodes to Cross Rhodes every and pin Chris Jericho to win the TNT Championship for the first time.

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