Watch Dogs, a video game review

A video game review written by Lee Sonogan

(2014) Action, Crime, Sci-Fi

Watch Dogs 'New Open World Gameplay' TRUE-HD QUALITY - YouTube

Watch Dogs is decent, but as the first entry into the series it’s still trying to find its niche and its style, and as a result it’s a little bland and all too repetitive. It successfully apes a lot of other games without ever really finding a way to stand out on its own, and the hacking isn’t really enough to push it past “me too” status. Inc Gamers (Metacritic – 60/10)

One of the first games of the PS4 I had, the initial trailer looked great. I Played it until the end, where it is mostly a Grand Theft Auto rip off and innovative because of only one feature. Storywise involving technology and the ability to hack anything there is good visual stuff. Although as advertised as an open world, few key moments in the linear only stick out. In the first paragraph right here I do not recommend the original of this franchise. But the sequels which I have not played are better.

Uncomfortable when playing, the driving is very unsatisfying, and fighting AI is not a fun part of the game. Doing the missions in stealth was the peak of this one due to the plot not being strong enough to invest in the characters as you could. Too many repetitive side missions that don’t do any relevant. including mediocre puzzles and lame online features. After finishing it, I knew I never wanted to play it ever again.

Still, it is better than nothing I guess, on the other hand, this was made during the time around #gamergate which connects or some sort of conspiracy. Look anywhere else online and the mixed reaction is very confusing on all sorts of levels. Except for the video game journalists who rate all games high than on what average they should be. Concluding with disappointment.

When they showed the graphics of Watch Dogs on E3 2012, I was so shocked, I thought it was the true next gen, but Ubisoft are natural LIARS!! If we compare the E3 2012 and the final game graphics, there is just nothing, that they showed. Bad Side – Graphics – Optimization – Car Physics – Stupid NPCs – Stupid mini-games – Boring singleplayer – Ubisoft servers (27.5.2014) – Bugs, crashes, lagging and a lots of more issues – Animations – Water – The City. – sashaCZn (Metacritic – 7/10)


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