Starter’s Guide For Writing: Extension Of The Thesaurus

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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Note: This article will feature in You, Will, Have Style When You Write One Million Words: UNGROOVYGORDS Advanced Guide For Creative Writing.

One of my best editors showed me the beauty of using the thesaurus, a book I once saw as a writer’s cheat sheet. Linda K. Wetheimer

Getting more descriptive on synonyms, the thesaurus is a way better book than a dictionary in my opinion. As an extension of multiple definitions, the conjunctures offer the creative mind to flex words not normally used or even idioms. Just looking up something specific can drastically lead a direction of a sentence, paragraph and even the beyond to change the context in various fresh ways. Breaking up mundane efforts in brainstorming rewriting or important changes, this makes you adaptable in the recursive method.

Any word you have to hunt for in a thesaurus is the wrong word. There are no exceptions to this rule. – Stephen King

Like pre or post fixes, there are antonyms swimming in dualities and fragments of life. For every gains and loss, for and against, assets and liabilities, positives and negatives plus hundred of more contrasts, there is nuances of duple effects to consider. Memory is a slippery thing in comparison to the feeling as using similar metaphors or analogies, combing these two concerns come closer to things such as originality and limiting particular words to strengthen impacts.

These days the online capacity to integrate this stuff is so good that it does not endanger concepts already established. It was a key indicator of reaching another level for myself and most websites include many filtering choices to narrow it down to a biased point using a scientific decision. Or a subjective expression associated with creativity accessing a tone, scope and a range deeper than pen to paper. I would not advocate everyone to implement such as process because there is a need to weigh up ideas that could cramp your style or even mood.

On paper, it educates a potential flow, but even having to go out of your way to see for yourself and then still not grasping it all is a bad sign overall. How you categorise this information may make or break the consistency of vision or the appeals to forms of logic. There are so many subgenres to this and overall these are more of a guide than absolutes. For sustainable perspectives in keeping up with trends and owning what you do, I recommend considering this to overcome obstacles, nothing less, nothing more.

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