Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (Oct 4, Week 4) (King Of The Ring/G1 Climax)

Fantasy booking created by Lee Sonogan

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WWE – king of the ring – Quater-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

1. King Of The Ring (Round 2) – singles match

Undertaker vs AJ Styles – Winner: Undertaker – Opening the PPV the different styled man work a fast pace match up in strikes and Irish whips. AJ lands a springboard phenomenal elbow for a two count. Taker back in control and walks the rope for an Old School. AJ with a submission attempt that is rolled out. Then a finish of Taker countering the Styles clash into a Tombstone pile driver.

2. King Of The Ring (Round 2) – singles match

Eddie Guerrero vs The Rock – Winner: The Rock > Eddie playing heel he is able to outsmart the great one in the early going on. Rocky with the babyface comeback is chopped downplaying into Guerrero’s hands. Land a big frog splash but kick out at two. The second electric comeback includes segments of counters until The Rock pulls off his epic DDT. A Rock Bottom and then the People’s elbow for the victory.

3. King Of The Ring (Round 2) – singles match

Randy Ortan vs Triple H – Winner: Triple H > Friends from Evolution and made their own mark in this fantasy booking engage in a back and forth. Both eying a limb as a target, the trade-offs sell accordingly. Still, the more experienced one getting consumed by the Viper, Triple H cuts the head off the snake with a massive pedigree.

4. King Of The Ring (Round 2) – singles match

Shawn Micheals vs Stone Cold Steve Austin – Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin > Continuing a long time feud, this was the shoot fight of the evening. Then a mudhole stomps with the ref counting, Stone Cold the keep doing it for minutes. Pick him up, delivers the finger and the Stunner rightfully so to advance to the semis.

5. King Of The Ring (semi-finals) – singles match

Undertaker vs The Rock – Winner: Undertaker > So serious, this 25 minute match was hard fought by both. All the signatures and finishers plus stealing each others. Taker by the end has to heel it up and steals it to reach the finals.

6. King Of The Ring (semi finals) – singles match

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Triple H – Winner: Triple H > Imagine their Wrestlemania match but this time Triple H overcomes the odds and actually wins. Stone Cold is not immortal and is angry storming backstage.

7. for the wwe women’s championship – singles match

Charlotte Flair (C) vs Lita – Winner: Charlotte Flair (C) > This buffer match was made the two in the finals have a breather. Lita keeps up with the younger athlete and her legend status although Flair by the end gets on a roll and causes her to tap via the Figure Eight Leg Lock.

8. Main event – King Of The Ring – Finals for the vacant wwe championship

Undertaker vs Triple H – Winner: Undertaker (C) Enough emotion and something to remember as the same as this match from real-life WrestleMania XXVII

AEW – g1 climax – Quater-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. G1 Match Block A Finals – singles match

Chris Jericho vs Cody Rhodes – Winner: Chris Jericho – cleear winners of Bloc A, the main eventers in their own right go to town. Emphasizing careful and smooth moves to their advantage, you could only predict what would happen when Jericho intentionally distracted the ref. Big impact and the Judas Effect hits Cody between the eyes.

2. G1 Match Block B Finals – singles match

CM Punk vs Kazukika Okada – Winner: Kazukika Okada > Punk ground game slows down the strong style superstar. Misses a diving elbow from the top for Okada to do his thing although Punk remains resilient. The Last scene is a GTS dropped and a springboard Rainmaker simultaneously.

3. for the aew women’s championship – singles match

Bailey (C) (C) vs Sasha Banks (C)– Winner: Sasha Banks DQ > Both shake hands at the start out of respect to the test of strength or tease each other. Then Bailey makes it something serious and the lady pummel each other to the cheers of a limited crowd. Bailey screams ‘don’t be greedy’ and baits Sasha to her own demise. Final is caught using a still chair, the interpromitional champs start a feud with obvious drama.

4. for the aew tag team championship – tag team match

Dax Hardwood (C), Cash Wheeler (C) (FTR) vs Penta (C), Pheonix (C) with Mick Foley – Winners: Dax Hardwood (C), Cash Wheeler (C) (FTR) vs Penta (C), Pheonix (C) with Mick Foley > Some Lucha stuff for the invaders with Mick Foley to get their stuff in.

5. for the aew heavyweight championship – mma contest (5 rounds)

Cain Valeques (C) with Joe Rogan vs Mike Tyson – Winner: Cain Valeques (C) with Joe Rogan > The baddest man on the planet gets a shot for the highest prise in AEW. Tony Khan explains the back story while also doing commentary. Mike never leaves his feet but overall Cain scores higher slightly when the judges have to decide. Joe Rogan interviews then both after.

6. Main Event – G1 MAtch A vs B block finals – singles match

Chris Jericho vs Kazukika Okada – Winner: Kazukika Okada > Given three matches of waiting time, but are hyped to get this done and over with. Implementing a growing hype like any G1 finals, excite is developed on perfectly. Imagine Chris in his prime and this match going over an hour. No time to taunt to the crowd as it was epic from start to finish. Okada just reaches the finish line first hitting two Rainmakers to kill what was left. Both shake hands out of respect in what they produced together.

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