Buried, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr35mins (2010) Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Buried Review

Brilliantly terrifying and emotionally intense, Buried is a suspense with a political allegory that gets under skin and haunts your subconscious. Pros: Ryan Reynolds’ most groundbreaking performance; immensely unique direction. Cons: Some of the content is undeniably unreal. – KendylKlownfish (Metacritic – 9/10)

The title referencing being buried alive, the minimalist design in this independent film might just be Ryan Reynold’s best acting performance ever. Entirely recorded underground in a coffin, it is very raw and suspenseful as the angles and music transit so slightly. With a 2 million dollar budget, it successfully as made 22 million at the box office. Highly underrated, it was one of my inspirations to creating my first short film INVADING LUCHA.

Claustrophobic inducing, the light shining inside emphasis on how serious and real the situation is. Overall the screenplay is highly believable in dialogue as he desperately tries to escape his predicament. Style-wise it is just so different, a lot of filmmakers can learn so much from this. Then the ending is so brutal and satisfying where you will not help agreeing with everything I have said in this post.

Of course highly recommendable for fans of the actor as Deadpool is funny, but nothing as intriguing as this. Watching it again recently I’m so glad that the replay value was as solid as the first time I saw it over 5 years ago. Straight from the start, it is frightening and good enough for a hook, line and sinker. Overall in my conclusion, it does not disappoint like many other generic thrillers who try to reach this level of psychological unpredictability.

Very few movies are made this way, the sheer rawness of this movie makes it all worth viewing, even though it keeps the same set the whole movie, it keeps you suspended, this is basically the closest thing you will get to the feeling of being buried alive and the movie really grows on you if you understand it. – (IMDB – 10/10)




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