Journal Entry 68# Snowballing Postdate

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Number 68 People, Number 68! | La Bella Novella

Cause and effect alone is not enough to justify my promises, beliefs or the true objective nature where my projects are at. Fresh drafts piling up and projects sitting on the fence indicate I need a break to shift priorities although the present I’m comfortable in plus burnout motivates me in my reflectional clarity. There is a need to get deeper at the realistic core, although this track is an endeavour I’m willing to die on a hill on. Current levels of satisfaction vs sustainable A plus B equals B plus A choices of evolutions worthy of considering what absorbing recursive is my right and set path next.

For a blog update, I am enjoying the series of content I have willed to life. Then words of honour such as my first graphic novel to be realised into the public. My feedback loop was unsuccessful, I could wait a little longer or just pull that all nigher and double down to my new vision eager to share already establish at 98 percent. To then work on my closest first non-fiction You Will Have Style When You Write One Million Words. From that title alone, there is a goal to reach one billion before I die.

I forgot to mention the 1800th published post on this website is a concern. Every waking moment doubling down on this is very important in my own growth of self evidential costs. The gold in my soul is infinite and my biological necessities have conflicts of interest. I love all those who read this stuff in the epic Villiage the raises a mind, on the other hand, the immortal nuture open handly is the correct asset of the individual in the all-encompassing environment. I could break this all down even further but as you can see I can bounce back from this contemporary crash and burn.

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