Washington D.C. Pro-Trump The 6th Protest/Last Stand

An article written by Lee Sonogan

One week away: Pro-Trump rally scheduled on Jan. 6. Here's what you need to  know. | WJLA

Covering the US again, this is a catalyst to see if the red side is as equally hyperpolarized in comparison to the left. Waiting for this moment since the president-elect was crowned, I did not put all my eggs in one basket. While the appeals and first-person accounts were compelling, the electoral college remains a tool of the past. Going forward with Joe Biden is scary in my opinion but I know this event won’t be blown out of portation.

While lefties supported their peaceful protests turning into riots was a catalyst in getting attention, I doubt the only considered political group as the Proud Boys will burn the city to the ground. Even some leaders were arrested for other misdemeanours recently to attend this. This right civil disobedience shall accept a heavy police presence and the opposing acting groups who try to stir things up will be blocked in accordance to the remaining cops are scarier than those who quit during the blue flu.

Sadly this will probably not make a difference in the matter of the process of corrupted politicians unless this is a magic bullet Trump pulls off out of his ass. The mainstream will mock this questionable pride regardless and the new regime seemly wants business as usual again. Whatever you think of Donald J Trump, he did at least as good as anything been in that position and the best republican since I have been alive. Still, like most, I have to be critical for pushing partisanship to the world (even though he was attacked since day one), not the populist elements that should be integrated with a government by the people for the people.



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