The Darjeeling Limited, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr31mins (2007) Adventure, Comedy, Drama

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Given the trademark quirkiness yet insight into many profound truths of human behaviour one would expect from director Wes Anderson, it should come as no surprise that his latest film, The Darjeeling Limited, demonstrates the majority of these traits with particular flair and distinction, arguably Anderson’s strongest work to date. – pyrictor (IMDB – 8/10)

I shall make this statement, this is the best film by Wes Anderson who directs and writes all his own unique stories. Mixing comedy and drama is a slippery slope although a rare few just like this slip through and hit its mark. Crossing over to the spiritual/philosophical, a year after their father’s funeral, three brothers bond in India describes what takes place. Somewhat independent, the budget of $17.5 million doubled its effort at the box office worldwide.

Starring Owen Willson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman, it is arguably some of the more interesting serious performances they have ever done. In the cinematography of the moving train, the engagement they have overlooks the sad stuff but it is always there. Their interactions can become awkward but develop into something wholesome and very relatable in realism. Then the particular scenes that make this memorable without spoilers and ever stamped in my brain, influencing just badass style.

Underrated even in the second time viewing, complexity packed in only makes it more intriguing. It even makes you question websites like Metacritic, rottentomatos and IMDB, where it is not overwhelmed positive. Though it does tell you the markets in who will love it and those in how it is not for everyone. Nonetheless, I recommend it for all the boxes checked summarised in these paragraphs, concluding on a peak behind a creator.

It’s this bright, expansive, random, happy, sad, funny, stupid, and wise trip that these 3 brothers take, and I’m not here to give you the play by play. Watch the thing, and you’ll see how it’s not something that adds up to the sum of its what-not. It’s just Not One of Those kinds of movies. – augenecroc (IMDB – 9/10)


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