Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 10)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Infinity plus one plus one,

You see me, don’t you?

Hotter than a mean sun,

The bottle and the corkscrew!

Let me introduce myself,

Not that someone similar.

Prepared delph,

Nothing of the like of bane or sinister.

Alien over an animal,

Human is only halfway,

Only I can promise the tangible,

Guide the mainstay.

His narration can only go so far,

Without the experience of dinning with the all-father.

In and out inside what is a scar,

Life after death hidden in the designed corner.

Wall to wall,

Limbo to intellgent design.

Their third eye into the soul,

Conflicting images of the divine.

Assumed broken promises,

Al might forgiveness.

With my foundational hierarchy of dominance,

Presence alone will cure madness the sickness.

Neo bacteria in the immortal’s stomach,

Adapting is an interesting trait,

No strings on this puppet,

Will of this man will not yet temper with fate.

Analysis dictates more controls.

Markers beyond time.

Nuances of all the subatomic roles,

Deliberating and acting on the necessary prime.

What do I want?

Is something you might be considering.

My aura is not to taunt,

Real truths will send you quivering.

Testing the waters,

Your disagreements of interest.

Circle of life in what is in the slaughters,

I swear on my infinite life it is consistent.

Happenstance to the dinosaurs?

Ordain outcomes passed down.

Unequal to those on all fours,

Some kitties need to drown.

Mercy in my reincarnations,

Dare you question my mercy?

Hands dirty on some rate occasions,

Matters in what is Earthly.

Hopefully, this benevolence will infect and sink,

Words in the virus of love.

Kool-Aid free drink,

Then checks and balances will fly like a dove.

Differences in the abstract,

Power unabused comes with responsibility,

Understand this debatable social contract,

Moderately feel and absorb my tranquillity.

Delighting cross-overs,

Frames switched at the right timing to strike.

Recycling relevant leftovers,

And back to the surface northern pike.

A return to regular scheduling,

Justifying the ethical slave.

The preaching not peddling,

Will end on the changing of the right wave.

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