Journal Entry 66# First Impression Of The Last Season Of Vikings (S6B)

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Normally I would do an article over on Entertainment Culture Online but two and a half episodes in and I need to write about it. Forgetting I covered the news of the original trailer, I totally missed the release four days ago releasing all ten episodes at once. Picking up where it left off, the flashbacks were nostalgic and important. Then the intensity picks up momentum straight away developing from that last long battle in Season 6A.

All sons of Ragnar characters are back and brutal than ever epically that first episode in its entirety. SPOILERS! It was the end of Bjorn but an epic way through the art of war, or maybe another twist. Speaking of a twist, the serpent of the ocean from the trailer is being referenced but don’t know when it will pop up against the settlers travelling on shits. Which includes Adam Copeland, and his presence being featured against being a monster from a previous season.

Now that I started I will be able to stop myself until the end for around a week. Will Kattegat eventually fall? With some grapevine reaction to that final episode, I still don’t know but hyped to invest in this binge sesh. The cinematography is only getting better every twenty minutes or so as they swap perspective in one location to another. Vikings are very underrated television as the pagan philosophy is pure drama at its best.

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