Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 9)

A poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Mirrors into the macro,


Applied dynamics lasso,

Same as the study of cosmology.


Kinectic behaviours,

Down to the exact rhythm behaviour,

Integrating tangentially goes into detours.

A relationship with the core,

Closer to the source, the skin never started to burn,

Hot as a cold war,

The consistent environment justifies means to him, to yearn.

Converting all that he could muster,

Different types of matter had to be worked on,

Engulfed in one great fluster,

Oxygen instantly is withdrawn.

A model of a rocket is in the centre of a close table,

What is inside implies something that thrusts,

A sealed project that needs a stable jumper cable,

Potential contrails that it casts.

Engraving notes on his body,

That journal up on that surface needs an update,

Condensation, is one instance not being a philosophical zombie,

Another is Our Immortal questioning his fate.

Transfer or conversion of the irreversible,

The natural tendency if isolation and degenerated system.

Pure substance approaches zero as the temperature is reasonable,

Magic, science and the indistinguishable to even force life into an organism.

Evolution is in a direction of steepest entropy ascent,

The dissipative component.

A wear and tear intent,

Extra pods to loment.

Tepid conductivity,

Multiple chemistry imbalances,

Idendenfication of certain absorbpitivity,

And the other side acronyms.

Too much spontaneous combustion,

(Looks at the rocket on the table.)

You are just a repercussion,

Not yet, are you ready, willing and able…

Fibre optics’ observer effect,

Agent of the functional mechanism.

Flaws in this particular subject,

I need more parodistic neoism.

Sulfer and processed gun powder falls to the floor,

Starting again symbolises extrinsic inspiration.

From the tiniest spore,

He clears his entire workstation.

No more custom swords for fun,

Playing god was his incentive.

I am all elements under the sun,

Using the self as a crankshaft is very augmentative.

First, he invented a geared crowbar,

Then cogwheels flowing in the apparatus,

Introduced particles of equilibrium and on par,

A sprit not soul, in conjunction with motion, manipulated into a balanced status.

What word describes this device?

Still more projectile motion to know,

More than this genetic splice,

There is more to this combo.

Indeed, bonds that tie,

The engine pipes are calling.

Reader, please standby,

I am omnipresent and that’s a warning...

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