50 Madeleine Harvey Videos (Vocals)

A list created by Lee Sonogan

In the Stream: Artist and Voice Teacher Madeleine Harvey 02/10 by  Progressive News Network | Motivation

Hi! I’m Madeleine Harvey, a voice teacher and songwriting teacher in the Nashville, TN area. I love honey and biscuits, the color green, the smell of cinnamon, the sound of a banjo, the feel of a homemade quilt, and the twang of good ole’ fashioned country music! – Youtube description

Seeing her reaction video to Jinjer, this lady has a lot to teach to unlock your voice. Interested in the vocal performance, I have been looking for techniques that she elegantly shares. No matter the genre, her advice is practical to any beginning searching to make sounds without hurting their voice. Plus manipulate the energy inside us to send it back out into the external.

Very interesting stuff and I’ll be checking in if she published more on the fry scream and false chords. Nonetheless, she is very talented as a singer, entertaining as an educator and an overall wholesome person. Plenty of new people I got into last year on YouTube that need their own lists!



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