Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 8)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Billions of years in the future…

The speed of light is hypothetically revealed.

Unaware of the age of the computer,

Only I, the narrator can spectate what is sealed

“You are full of shit!”

“I don’t believe in your supernatural…”

“Lies to what you’re really wanting to admit,”

“Where is the reciprocal lateral?”

All noises relatively around the location,

Our immortal could multitask and coherently hear,

One with nurtured vibration,

Efficient spiritually as a modern-day seer.

Can you say it is at least interesting?

My words are consistent.

What if it was true, depending on how you were listening,

Or am I transperent and non-existent?

Metallic residue in the fresh dinner,

Patrons eavesdrop getting their attention.

Body language turning awkward and bitter,

Using experience there was an attempt in ascension.

I’m sorry,

You must think that I’m some nut vagabond.

There is nothing to worry,

I guess you don’t want a friendly respond?

Patrons back to eating,

An interaction of sour grapes cools down.

Close to each other where they are both eating,

There is room nonetheless for them in this town.

Finished and in the parking lot,

Both are still in the vicinity.

Triggered man approaches the hero in a trot,

Calming to the window knocking with some dignity.

“Honestly I’m curious,”

“Just had a bad day needing some quiet time,”

“You know, that weariness,”

“Normally I would chime.”

All goods mon,

No harm, no foul.

Without sin, cast the first stone,

And those self-evidently thrown in the towl.

Later on, these two become closer,

Zombification was proven.

Memorable banter of composers,

Social contracts in what they held common.

Jax was one in many,

Although in this story the main character is still stuck.

Red and sweaty,

In this environment, clear blue skies run amok.

Back to the planet which later shall be known as Mars,

This deju vu was his fantasy of motivation.

After the wars of Ares,

Automobiles would symbolise a technology invasion.

Beyond the surface of the dusty desert,

Law of thermodynamics of the sand.

The appearance of an extrovert,

Chemistry for gold is at hand.

Searching for the objective philosopher’s stone,

Matter conversions for days.

H20, copper and zinc clone,

React and behave in a specific phrase.

Water processes still sustainable,

Oxygen and Hydrogen experiments expload.

Safety precautions viable,

Most implementations are thought out and controlled.

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