Super Mario Galaxy 2, a video game review

A video game review written by Lee Sonogan

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Better than its predecessor is what everyone says, and boy are they right. Improving gameplay, visuals, power-ups, and getting the MARIO series most important characters, Mario, Luigi & Yoshi back together again to save not just their world, but the whole universe from Bowser Koopa, SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2 easily destroys its predecessor and all other games as the best videogame of all time. – BAG-GOMES (Meta Critic – 10/10)

When people think of Mario and the video game, this one hands down is the best with Super Mario Sunshine at a close second. As its dynamic puzzles with unrealistic planet physics can never be replicated, the experience is long, challenging and always unpredictable. Travelling through space has never been so engaging since the predecessor, which I never played. This sequel however the I complete twice is one of the most unique and memorable times to be had in a 3D platformer.

Incorporating Yoshi and extended amount of levels, that is one way to contrast if from the original. Galaxy 2 has more complexity and variation but i think Galaxy 1 is more atmospheric is a quote I took from someone commenting on Stylish and a bunch of dimensional features, the nostalgic inducing gameplay is very satisfying to control yourself. Then that classic Nintendo tone in the well-timed soundtrack which is very solid.

If that new Switch collection of Mario games had number 2 instead of one, I would have brought it for sure. The public consensus is overwhelmingly positive and delivers reviews reflecting what I am thinking of scoring it out of ten. Overall there is not much to criticise it unless your not a gamer although I would also recommend it to those types as well as it is wholesome and stimulating for the brain, young and old.

PS – Not analysing to this degree before, I wonder why it has not been done sooner..


Probably the best game on the wii More worlds more power stars more challenges I played this game for hours and its a big part of my and im sure other players childhoods – Legendkiller (Meta Critic – 10/10)

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