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NewsGuard launches first product with help from Microsoft - Axios

Say you’re scrolling through Facebook, see an article that seems a little hinky, and flag it. If Facebook’s algorithm has decided you’re trustworthy, the report then might go to the social network’s third-party fact checkers. If they mark the story as false, Facebook will make sure fewer people see it in the News Feed. For those who see it anyway, Facebook will surface related articles with an alternative viewpoint just below the story.

Recently acquiring this free tool or web browser app, it filters out questionable written and other content without a consensus of news sources and references. But it identifies more than just that, fitting specific criteria; frequency of publication of inaccurate information. The extent of sourcing and original reporting of data and the degree of demarcation between news and opinion journalism. Finally accuracy of headlines, including the use of clickbait headlines, to the disclosure of the website’s ownership, as well as the political positions of the owners.

Mainly updated every three months if warranted the Rapid Response Team is sustaining credibility to the system drastically improving a google such including such objective features. Providing a more secure full transparency and disclosure in integrity and non-partisan mentality. Reaching into the independent blogger as my self to the mainstream funded by network interests.

Why should anyone trust NewsGuard? Because the organisation and staff contain worthy leadership in fighting again every wrong on the internet. Swearing oaths in ethical and conflicts of interest policies in its design. Pro-freedom of speech, there is tech like this that needs to become preserved as its advancements evolve out of control. Read this to see the most commonly asked questions about it >

Overall I recommend checking it out for yourself, pay the 3 dollars a month to use it to your full advantage. I could elaborate further, on the other hand, read the wired article for more relevant details.

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