Journal Entry 65# Uncontacted Violent Tribes

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Uncontacted Indians of Brazil

In modern history, many missionaries have tried to visit isolated islands where primitive tribes live. Mostly killing acting on sight with their bows and arrow has to lead to a debate question in should we make contact with them? Being the last truly free people on the planet, do we need to indoctrinate them into all-out shit? Then again most people don’t get their tropical islands so what standard or principles make them equal to us?

Firstly any attempt in communications has dangerous implications to use because internationally other governments might be highly against it. Normally in groups between only 50-100 people, there is empathy to help those individuals in proven medicine towards those who die in the rainforest that could have become avoided. Then there is that bias in the social contract that if they do not reach a mutual agreement, then they will become regarded as a commodity if scavengers needed that land for their selfish resources.

How can we give them rights when they do everything to avoid accepting them? Surely their lifestyle is sustainable to a certain degree but how long to other stuff is not sustainable and they have to be engaged with? Treating them like near-extinct animals is one thing, the hypocrisy of human nature is another. Overall I have faith one day they can be converts only in the right way, and with truth be a huge news story remember for peace, not war.

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