How Do YOU Change The World?

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Five Ways For The PR/Marketing Community To Change The World - Ketchum

Disclaimer; I could elegantly design an objective book on this question alone. The following summary will do it justice only in an abstract form.

Rudimental people do not take this egotistical idea seriously and grasp what that really means. For me to hold these words in the present I need to speak at you within the individual level decentralized. To separate and then rejoin the very fabric of nature to wisdom’s wellbeing over lingering status quo existence/behaviour. Then finally four-dimensional thinking and interpreted observation which represents time.

All or nothing attitude expressed publically than what done privately 100% positive resulting in convoluted doom and gloom which goes in circles. Vague nuances which inspire counterproductive ends where means are questionably not justified. Echo chambers infecting systems that build and simultaneously improve that tribalistic sound regardless. Various are tropes and cliches both ways in logical fallacies, colliding into a big ball of nihilistic nothingness.

Parameters establish a conversation to others or your own inner dialogues with a will of its own. Playing god in how things stand is an indicator of the size of complexity that needs to become nurtured. Hence paths rear breeding of education in both scientific patterns and discipline sequences for critical thinking necessary to achieve progress where it’s found. In the instants of here and now we decide if we continue to purge in desires of war or kill each other with kindness and peace.

Objectifying relatively puts something into a position which is better left to those more than just conspectus. Anything digestible is built from blood, sweat and tear for profit. Dealing in more than resource-based economies, personal development in self; that’s neutral and dispassionate should come first. Understated ultraism contains such traits in what I am talking about without a doubt.

There is a cost to gold and a benefit in sacrifice, a body of work and anti-truths. The bottom line is in paying your dues, the bottom line eventually is death. Not minding losing an arm and a leg, there is plenty of other stuff beneath me that is the norm. Constant bad news becoming a benchmark, just being a sane person is helping to change the world.

For now, money is not the root of all evil and your consumer dollar spent wisely can support more people than specific organisations. I want to say donate to charities that have a good track record ran by the people, not associated with elites or uncredible people. Given blood before, I would highly consider donating organs when you’re done with them. Even something I take pride in, which is making the internet a better place.

Love is never free and not a commodity bought, sold and traded, but it is precious energy that costs us our life force. Spiritually there is an equilibrium to know your thesis is worthy to change the world because it just does and seeds of serenity later. Know your types of love (Philia, Pragma, Storge, Eros, Ludus, Mania, Philautia and Agape), and fuse them all into an entanglement that will blow anyone’s mind including yourself.

Going on a tangent, I’m back on the hypotenuse to conclude this hot angle on a slope. Never listen to someone who says you can’t change the world, on the other hand, don’t let such a dream destroy you in the process. When people comment the future will laugh at us and no one in this epoch will become remembered, realise and be grateful for what you have. Then honour what you have to get moving in the direction of the callings we all have to make an epic difference.

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