Empire Earth: Gold Edition, a video game review

A video game review written by Lee Sonogan

Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest - Wikipedia

Very good game. Great game play. Really fun when playing with friends. I have the best LAN parties with this game. There is no reason to give this game hate. – WyrmWold130 (Metacritic – 10/10)

Not doing a video game review in a while, the Empire Earth franchise is an underrated bird-eyes strategy experience. The real-time elements and a DLC I owned digitally somewhere in 2013, this was original released to the public in 2002. From the primitive age, World War 2 to the Epoch of space the dynamic choices to grow is something I hold very highly in this genre of competition. Also containing single-player campaigns, the general AI was very challenging and engaging.

I remember leader dudes you could buy that are good in any period of time (spanning across 500,000 years of history) that helped defend raid attacks. Civilizations which have all their own special benefits and offensive power. Multiple ways to manufacture resources to keep sending reinforcements to the front lines. Wholesome, easy to learn and difficult to master; you can easily invest a lot of effort in the replay value of it all.

Being a big fan of Age of Empires, this review gets slightly higher because of all the extra features but not any higher because of its look is dated in comparison. The intensity in this type of hardcore gaming requires patience and timing so I don’t recommend it to those with short attention spans. I gotta still have the installation program somewhere to relive its greatness in a class of its own.




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