Journal Entry 64# A Third Website?

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Merry Christmas to all peering at the words in this sentence before you. Before I get ahead of my self, this journal entry should reflection a hypothetical not reality. In a recent good conversation reciprocal in nature, it has gotten me thinking about the importance of peer-reviews and their ability to become trickled down into the mainstream. The following is a way to take my knowledge to the next level and plan out a potential business for myself?

This various incubator to the ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE, the third would be the pinnacle of human civilized, a.k.a objective science. Being an advocate for the individual, I want to know for sure what I am talking about when it is new and fresh at the breaking point. I have always been fascinated with technology, space and then quantum physics, to truly have a PHD of the world, I need to doctor part in biology.

Chemistry and psychology and an important part of my philosophy I like to share too. Adding up all these genres only suggests this path in reaching ikigai for myself and palatable use for others. The conjunctions in it are as endless as the duple of syllables stringed together. Really experimenting with patterns that anyone curious for underlying details would want. Journalistic integrity developed here in the scientific journals and presenting my thoughts on their bias and balancing it out between the subjective and objectives.

Health in life is a very complex thing and an all-encompassing ideal important to my body of work. In my mistakes, I pick myself up by my bootstraps and reconfigure what is most consistent, not how I judge my own writing in engagement and deliver but sharing overt clarity. Documentaries and general debates are full of logical fallacies, the core of the focus and function above all else. I’m getting too comfortable at the surface level, on the other hand, remember this is just a metaphysical observation the I don’t believe I can sustain just yet. I’d rather be considered as some sort of sociopath than contradict myself that was intended for good…

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