Best Of The Website/Blog ‘ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE’ In 2020!

A list created by Lee Sonogan

Yesterday was this website and now it is that one to list! Up to 446 posts now, it is its own niche thing! Mostly hitting the mark in not doing it every single day it is still most plus still very relevant to UNGROOVYGORDS. When I do a review here, I will contrast it with a quote put over there in all the same genres. Not achieving everything I want this year regarding original content I managed to make some consistent progress nonetheless.


What will entail for next year? Well Covid-19 worldwide hopefully to drastically improve, the same old will be piled in because of that news and then there is plenty of series of stuff such as list articles and more press release stuff. Maybe for the original content section start writing fictional monologues. Out of the 4 years doing this, I see the objective future in the position seemly fit for the taking.

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