Journal Entry 63# Am I A Sociopath?

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Number 63 Meaning

A simply definition is someone who has a personality disorder that projects itself as antisocial attitudes and behaviour. To answer the question in the title, I might express antisocial attitudes from time to time but not in the extremes or the unhealthy but I’ll elaborate to greater clarity. Characteristics of mental health is a slippery slope because it suggests the chain reaction will result in the undesirable end or ends without substantial evidence. Empathy is a big factor and can become justified in more than just one way in appealing to emotion.

Callousness and hostility are double negatives or a red flag for sociopaths and not a case for a necessary evil. Shallow and pedantic overuse is aligned with risky impulsivity is hard for most to take seriously. Reciprocal social contracts are good indicators in mutual objectivism between contrast factors in identifying. I use the same argument for being an omnivore against someone’s pathos in being vegan, even though eating meat is inevitably going to be obsolete in the future due to technology.

Taking responsibily, my body of work speaks for itself and does not reflect any interior motivites in my opions adressed in the present. Using the term rule utilitarian, an action is morally netural if it conforms to a rule for the greater good beyond thy self. And those limits only apply to the present instance of the function. Overall a sociopath is dangerously selfish on all levels and If I was one, I expect someone to directly call me out on in as I consistently publish online.

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