What Will It Take To End The Culture Wars?

An article written by Lee Sonogan

The Culture Wars are Dead | Andrew Hartman

Note: This article will feature on ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE under the book There’s No Such Thing As A Utopia (First Draft) done in parts.

The biggest distraction in the early 20th century is the implementation of the culture wars. How easy tribalism is always the first solution in contrast to the smallest minority of the individual. Even the most seemly normal person can be sucked into the vague comment section which subsists of attacks back and forth plus the dose of single sentences full of buzzwords that mean nothing. On the wider scale, the politicians work these angles to distribute unevenly amounts of power.

Stigma to the point of radical or extreme methods, neutral attempts in objectivism. Many critics interpret the objecting ever-changing nature as a material thing, separate action or feeling projection or a mere position of expression to voice opposition/disagreement. When I nurture a concept at the centre it is by the definition of the philosophy term which is a thing external to the thinking mind or subject under a Google search. The subjective view is flawed as its foundation is layered in assumptions of face virtue.

Slavery might have originated the cause to this hyperpolarized system avoiding the equilibrium of truths. A circle to both sides of a spectrum, there is always a check and balances to way out regarding cost and the reality found in the physical plane. Anyone knowledgable about farming knows that all biological life is the necessary chemical reaction to grow plants, animals and an environment of potential influencing young humans. It is not intently devaluing animal life or beyond if their products are the key resources to sustain other ends that justify the means.

The belief that certain things, especially moral truths, exist independently of human knowledge or perception of them only comes from proven experience. Such as hierarchy of natures that have levels of rights and are regulated and reformed regularly. The importance of peer review and correlation with governmental change is a must to super-position the right way towards evolution. Such as animals from the sea cannot change elements such as Homo Erectus (The human-ape) did, not de-evolve into Homo habilis 2.4 million years ago which is identified by adding meat from their diet in fossils.

The culture wars are as meaningless as the video game console wars. Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphin, Oxytocin is not always connected to what we consume. Value of yourself is only if you can grasp the narrow path of ego (a.k.a reality) and the dispassion of altruism to put forth such clarity dissected into a palatable plan. Freedom is key to learn this processor or piece of code, protected from corruption with sustainable orderable sources.

The fine line between preservation and the growth everyone desires is to know the force of the culture wars is of the left. The right is guilty is not doing anything on real work that needs to be done and made aware of. They would rather make it about us vs them, demagoguery is on all sides overshadowing the positives they do have. Slapping a conclusion to the title question, good vs evil opportunity is bad; emphasis of moderate outcomes aims higher to really appreciate those we would become lost without in supply and demand.



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