Journal Entry 62# PUBG – Haven

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

PUBG Haven: First look at all-new Season 10 map - Dexerto

‘well what kind of environment really suits that?’ So if we wanted to have a kill truck on patrol we start thinking about gridded city streets. If we wanted lots of platoons of AI to come across, again that dense city setting makes a lot of sense.” – Dave Curd

In a new huge update, the battlefield gets close corners urban style. Missing out on the previous seasonal map due to people not playing it in Australia or impatience, I just played 3 and a half hours of it. Being a couple of weeks it was a nice surprise that I can record and add to my other raw gaming footage. Still wanna make compilations with cool tunes behind it and this new challenge only a duo at the moment feels just right.

With a bunch of new features, this is how you make a battle royale simulation! Taking elements from the warzone and ever open-world survival games, mostly the roaming AI that is more intelligent than the last bots who get put in to fill the normal 100 maps. This includes AI factions with soldiers and leaders depending on the building you enter or remain at, an angry helicopter and a deadly armoured truck.

This particular map is only 32 players but so good in that design, the rising structures in the tiny island flow with the general combat. Patch 10.1 certainly pushes this 1×1 in comparison to 8×8 Km in new ways to stay invested. The ecosystem of bad guys and avatars of real-life people is really thought out and want to play some more but there is other stuff I want to work on…

PS – Even a new parachute was added to fly about!

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