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10 Ways to Reduce Poverty in the World

The Millennium Development Goal to cut the poverty rate in half by 2015 was met in 2010 – five years ahead of schedule. While progress has been made, global growth estimates show more work is needed to reach the target of ending global poverty by 2030. Discussed below are the top 10 ways to reduce poverty in the world.

Wanting to get more diverse in the types of articles I could write of important issues that I don’t normally speak about, lets right now consider poverty. This list is the most logical approach to educate the lost causes deemed by society, emphasizing both sides of a political spectrum. I will be summarizing ideas from this list so do not forget about the points made in the original link above

With most prisoners relying on the system and not the outside can relate to the homeless equally. Shelters are underfunded, programs lack in what is important to them. Disrespect to Christians who talk in these people for hundreds of years. Growth policies in natural self-discipline to pull themself up by there bootstraps or preserved advice from history. Remove the barriers to gain equality, real necessity resources and nothing more.

There is a lot of moderate progressivism that is worth its salt investing more in. Then there is a good argument in increasing/modifying the free market system to trade with the poor and bring then into the first world level. Some of the poorest countries have boosted there way out of third world issues. More than face virtue use technology and proven wisdom and their will-to-power will correlate.


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