Promenade Lunge #Haiku #Poetry

A haiku written by Lee Sonogan

7 better lunge alternatives just in time for leg day | GQ India

Aren’t you ashamed, you who walk backward along the whole path of existence, and blame me for walking backward along the path of the promenade? – Diogenes

A mile in my shoes.

Alameda syllabus,

Bruising for a cruise.

Promenade was totally driven by the context. The internal relationships of measurement and placement related to the central axis of the site. The placement of the rectangular plates followed a strict logic in that the plates tilted away and towards the center line in an asymmetrical counterpoint. However, the perception of the sculpture contradicts the logic of its relation to the site. As you walk inbetween the plates you see fragments, you see the work in part, you cannot grasp the whole. – Richard Serra

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