Journal Entry 61# Neoliberalism’s State Of Affairs

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Number 61 Photograph by Rick Piper Photography

A political approach that favours free-market capitalism, deregulation, and reduction in government spending. – Google Definition

The term ‘neo’ might seem scary but only means words such as new, recent, modified and much more. In the hyperpolarization leaning outside centres within the spectrum, there might be things such as negative extremes of modern times silent majority. On one side utopias are compelling to young and old and the other bias is the cost/gold interpretation of results for the other. There are more equal flaws expressed in the world than simultaneous win/win situations.

In my observations, moderate liberalism is very important although narrow-minded conservative regulation is also a necessity. A little of too much of both can influence propaganda and brainwashing to know who is not plainly educated enough about the individual as the biggest minority. Human beings as one cannot evolve until everything is declassified and complexity can become grasped by anyone hands. The dystopian model is also explained by Horseshoe Theory who argue the radical extremes are closer to each other than either is to the political centre.

I can accept real peace adding to the history of world sanity of 200 years together will not happen during this 100 but I sure as hell will try my darndest to leave a legacy of patterns of energy which is spirituality. You can’t give up the freedom in heartly believing something bigger than yourself and we need to be loud so the people of the future laugh at what we have been lacking in. Leaders developing the right kind of content of character need to know this stuff.

Integrity has become a slippery slope in the overtly fictitious current nature human’s choice to linger in. A confusing substance with ego, power trips masks questionable problems in the face virtue path. What technology is developing love and forces of wisdom within production? We all need supercomputer calculators to experiment with what has already been nurtured. A picture is worth a million words, a billion for metaphysical motion.

There has been more over the top systems that have failed in contrast to fascist nation/world powers who are inherently evil in harm. With scepticism, I challenge documentation beyond the status quo to reach something greater. A linear but sandbox environment containing more ideology that we agree on than the typical cliché doom and gloom. Self-igniting objectivism entanglement that does not leave out the art of the priceless and the sentimental values which are transparent.

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