Round Robin Explained

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Design of round-robin cross to map salt and caffeine resistance. (A)... |  Download Scientific Diagram

Where did this term originate in the British nautical tradition? Sailors wishing to mutiny would sign their names in a circle so the leader could not be identified. In modern times it’s used in sports to pit one another for the sake of performance and inherent winners. Repeatedly taking successive turns in the same order might be the easiest way to explain it but ill provide some more examples.

Other than voting dynamics, I want to learn the tournament Round Robin for my professional wrestling fantasy booking very soon. Since the roster is small Ill have two blocks of ten just like the real-life GI tournament in New Japan wrestling. Four weeks to the PPV the winner of the two blocks will be determined but before then the booking is going to be questionable if accurate.

With the solution making more matches on the card, the round phrase is clear but the robin part in fairly subjective. Just like the NJPW GI, it was not always done in this formation and was a single-elimination of positions. Reminded of politics, the house of cards ideal fuels of this concept is too much government. You could make so many more metaphysical observations by allowing mathematical concepts like the Round Robin.

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