2017 Maps of Meaning 01: Context and Background – Lecture Review

A lecture review written by Lee Sonogan

Mapping Ecosystem Services

Dr. Peterson is a real life Defense Against the Dark Arts Instructor”. – Jason Wright (YouTube Comment)

What big lectures go viral in the past decade? One-offs, fear biases and tribalism propaganda maybe; Jordan Trenscedes them all. More then the Maps of Meaning series that is a long and complex book, this go his attention in the mainstream online. Not the Canadian debate over mandatory pronoun usage, on the other side he is one of the best modern philosophers to interpret history in the most objectiveness that matters the most.

“This man saved thousands of young people and the system attacked him for it.” – D P (YouTube Comment)

Recently writing about his new book, Beyond Order; the outrage can be found here > https://ungroovygords.com/2020/11/25/new-jordan-peterson-book-triggers-revolt-at-publisher-the-australian/. Reading his book 12 Rules For Life makes me want to write a self-help book and consider a university class on psychology. Very technical and grasp in this lecture alone, you will have 2 hours of your life doing something very informative.

There is another lecture to be had by this man and an insane amount of more specific articles and theories to cover. Compacting such wisdom into smaller patterns of ever-changing atoms. Stopping at parts to really consider this purpose as the observer, not the thinker. So much value to describe in one review I only have a very high recommendation that is worthy of your time and patience.


“As a plumber….the ‘plumbing is a miracle’ remark gave me an enormous sense of well-being” – Browner S (YouTube Comment)



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