Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Infernoble Knight Deck

Infernoble Knight Vol.1 - Road of the King

Links and spell equip cards, this deck was a no brainer to try out. With the normal Noble Knights coming out years ago, Infernobles are a nice touch to an existing archetype. Also incorporating Link monsters and Synchro monsters, it takes time to master this particular deck.


Immortal Pheonix Gearfriend X3

Infernoble Knight – Roland X2

Pheonix Gearfriend X3

Infernoble Knight Maugis

Sublimation Knight X3

Infernoble Knight Oliver X2

Deskbot 001 X2

Infernoble Knight Ogier

Ash Blossom and Ghost Ogre

Infernoble Knight Astolfo X3



Reinforcement Of The Army

Instant Fusion

Power Of The Guardian

Moon Mirror Shield


Messenger Of Peace

Smoke Grade Of The Theif

Autonomous Action Unit

Noble Arms – Arfeudutyr

Infernoble Arms – Joyeuese

Glory Of The Noble Knights X2

Heritage Of The Challice X3

Infernoble Arms – Direndai



Royal Decree





Union Carrier


Isolde, Two Tales Of the Noble Knights

Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon

Cryststron Halqifibrax




Time Wizard Of Tomorrow


Shooting Riser Dragon

Borreload Savage Dragon

Trishula, Dragon Of The Ice Barrier

Stardust Charge Warrior

Ignoble Knight Of High Laudsallyn

Martial Metal Marcher

Infernoble Knight Captain Roland

Infernoble Knight Emperor Charles




The main cards in this deck are the Synchron monsters as they have the most offensive effects. Although require combinations of link summoning and special summon to get them on the field. Isolde, Two Tales Of the Noble Knights, Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon, Cryststron Halqifibrax, Linkross in combination with Infernoble cards, machine/turner types and Immortal Pheonix Gearfriend.

Immortal is very strong in how it can negate cards so avoiding use for summoning is an offensive and defensive. And using equip cards, it had the endless potential to negate more cards and attack. Phoenix Gearfriend is used to power up Sublime Knight and potential summon more of them. Also that level 8 sets up for a level 9 synchro using Deskbot 001.

Most of the spell cards are used to set up the combo for link and synchros, aka draw cards on the same turn. Get the right hand and anything is possible.

As always, the big risk card is Instant Fusion summoning Time Wizard of Tomorrow that can wipe a field and inflict life points directly.

Finally, this deck works when you have a synchron monster, link monster and an Immortal Pheonix Gearfriend on the field.

Working on a video coming soon with a bunch of other gaming stuff at the same time.



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