Lab-Grown Meat To Go On Sale For The First Time!

An article written by Lee Sonogan written by Lee Sonogan

Lab-grown meat to feature on restaurant menu for first time

Letting people eat victimless poison is better than them supporting the same poisonous addiction with enslavement, torture, murder, environmental destruction etc. The future of a food within a sane culture is organic whole foods.. anything else is poison. – Anonymous

Knowing the person who wrote this whole bluntly wrote this comment, this is a very interesting development in what we consume daily. The words enslavement, torture and victimless POISON part is only what I have to question. Singapore’s approval of chicken cells grown in bioreactors is seen a moment across the industry. If we had the technology to have this form of nutrients before Covid or any other animal transmit spreads of viruses, then much could have been avoided.

Yesterday I wrote about the organisations PETA and veganism, that summarises resources, environmental destruction and general more sympathetic ways to think about these topics. PETA has been around for years I don’t see them making strides in innovative ways that change the world for the better. Such as 1/3 farms around the world use that room for factory killing styled production in animal agriculture. I bet those extreme activists would be still mad when taking a drop of blood to improve poverty from items largely grown in a lab is way better than business as usual.

Guaranteeing customisable protein essentials and more as it advances, the taste will too. Also, no chemicals or pesticides are extra benefits! Even an intriguing business idea for front runners making a mark to change the culture to actual progress, I would consider it if the science is able to be learned by such laymen. Concluding with a half glass full message, I am grateful for this pattern of technology although there is still a lot more work to do.

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