Journal Entry 60# A Rant Against PETA’s Fear Tactics

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

A lot of people crap on Veganism in a lot of ways for a good reason although this disenfranchises the positives it most certainly has. Animal agriculture has plenty of real-world negative effects than just the ethical treatment of livestock. Other than thinking critically, these activists would rather force doom and gloom down your thought, missing real points that could change peoples perspective on the matter. More shock contra to reason, the organisation is one of the biggest offenders on the matter.

Capitalising on trends and traditions for personal gain, you will see them pop up in public relations. So far over the top, it attacks with symbolism designed to manipulate imagery associated with meat eaters or worse. Going taboo, you can relate their display in sexist stereotypes, compare and contrast to the suffering of black people, rape survivors, and so much more at little merit. The most contradictory is that in 2016, 71.9% of cats and dogs taken in by PETA were euthanized, and only 2.9% were adopted 

Tackling the diet issue, there are 21 amino acids which are the building blocks of life (Protein). Half of them are essential that are a necessity in human needs, on the other hand, they are such a variety that I doubt the majority who preach as a vegan sustain it 24/7, 365 days a year. In the survival of the fittest, it explains why the alleged absolute virtue devalues itself over time.

Overall I advocate for many green things but I do not put it above the million other social things with solutions that can be changed right now. There are no great philosophy herbivores you can think off the top of my head and I have never heard anyone reference one in debates. I condemn poachers and killing factories, maybe if you want meat than have the balls to do it yourself in the viable free-range is a more fair extreme method. Concluding this journal… PETA is a joke….

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