Macro, an album review (Jinjer)

An album review written by Lee Sonogan

Jinjer - Macro (Album Review) - Cryptic Rock

SCORE: 10/10 –

Jinjer by far is my official favourite female vocalist and this is a review of her most latest album. Macro in computing can be defined as a single instruction that expands automatically into a set of instructions to perform a particular task. Doing so, these songs listed in order flow in and out of the heavy in the beautiful. Not for everybody because of the perfectly timed screams, the melodies are unique to the performer under the name Tatiana Shmayluk

On The Top starts out strong making a statement. Pit Of Consciousness is so good that I wrote an original haiku inspired by it. Judgement (& Punishment) goes into Jamaican vibes being groovy, not ungroovy gords… The Prophecy and Lainnerep are also two others to make sure you consume. Then lyric-wise they are top-notch as always.


  • On the Top (Recommended)
  • Pit of Consciousness (Recommend)
  • Judgement (& Punishment) (Recommend)
  • Retrospection
  • Pausing Death
  • Noah
  • Home back
  • The Prophecy (Recommended)
  • Lainnerep (Recommended)

This became my first review of this artist, it will set the tone for the others to come. So good I can keep writing about it in different ways, it might not be the album I recommend first hearing her although it is perfectly solid. To be fair the other four in comparison to the 5 seals of appeal, there not as original although fitting in the build of the playlist. Overall I conclude by saying I will share this review on your website asking people to tour in their particular city.

Rating: 7/10 – Wall of

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