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If you’re going to sign 1000 copies of your new book, you might as well make the most of that inevitable wrist ache. Last month, writer Will Maclean’s debut novel The Apparition Phase was released into the world. To mark its publication, independent London bookstore Goldsboro Books released 1000 signed and exclusive first editions to members of their monthly book club. But rather than just putting his signature on each one, Maclean had another idea.

‘Hallucinatory brilliance … The Apparition Phase may be the perfect novel for our phantom present’ GUARDIAN

Not knowing the author now of Will Maclean, he has been writing television professional since 2006 in the UK might be why. Learning about this published debut, the description of Reminiscent of the gothic suspense of Shirley Jackson and the ghost stories of MR James, The Apparition Phase is an atmospheric and stunning debut seems interesting. As you can read above, making this Easter Egg has caused some buzz on Twitter.

Another quote by ALICE LOWE explains it as ‘A delight for both the expert and the uninitiated, this creepy tale is a carapace of cosy nostalgia wrapped round a solid thread of dread … A page turner that keeps you in dreaded suspense of what you are about to be shown … A claustrophobic and entertaining read that left me breathless … Horror for the connoisseur,’. As of right now, it has 4.14/5 on since is release last month.

Sharing one word on each signed copy of first editions, people have shared theirs online. Over 100 words have been confirmed although there’s still a way to go if this short story will be remembered as much as this supernatural ghost thriller. The writer Tweeted a hint about it saying ‘Apologies for the handwriting! This is what “and” looks like when you’ve written in 938 books‘.

Will I buy this book? Well reading all the reviews so far it looks like something that delivers on engagement and clarity!

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