50 Team APS Videos (YouTube)

A list created by Lee Sonogan

Team APS - Photos | Facebook

Confessing my love for the card game of over a decade, these group of guys know their stuff. Duels, skits and much more, they keep it fun and wholesome. Not the best to learn Yu-Gi-Oh! it is interesting to knows who have ever played it competitively. One of the main forces of culture keeping the franchise alive on YouTube, over only six months of finding; I have consumed a lot of their contents.

In a niche of its own, It makes me want to collect them again and go to a tournament. Then again for the reason why I only went to three tournaments in my life, those banned cards and good ones to replace get expensive fast. In 2020 I would have to realistically pay between 200 and 500 to match wits with the purists obsessed with all this…



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