Journal Entry 59# I Cut The Ground From Undertale

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Switch Review] Undertale (#569) | Miketendo64 :Miketendo64

Since a little after its release date in 2015, I have enjoyed this video game but never played it again until this year. For one reason only, at my current in-game level, it was impossible to kill one boss Monster. Undyne being a tall ordered foe, I rushed past important secrets to make her undying. There I watched everyone else get to this point and made multiple choices to get past the enemy.

The next big obstacle is a spider called Muffet I can’t just get past after waiting for 17 turns to be spared. For originality sake I need to finish this to review it in all its glory, the unique gameplay makes me want to start again and do the full pacifist route. I killed some key players early on who sell you the healing items relevant later. Sorry Parprus and Sans who has been ducking me…

That summarises where I at without mentioning the soundtrack and dialogue experiences, it makes me think of the gaming videos easy or should produce. For example, should I upload the video below to YouTube as it is to show anyone else who is stuck on that particular part? or even add some commentary elaborating what I have written in previous paragraphs? Will be copyrighted by itself although there are only really two other ones people have posted that is not the middle of a series of it.

Such raw footage that’s niche interesting might be good if a one-off… Speaking of gaming, I got a two and a half-hour video of myself completing Pokemon Red in a Randomizer, Nuzlocke for the first time! This Undertale and that Poke vid might come out in a couple of weeks when I upload a bunch at a time daily. Undertale is a crazy game…

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