Kyle Rittenhouse – Hero or Fool?

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse has been bailed out of jail - Insider

There is a lot of moral implications regarding the protest/riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin after the police shooting of Jacob Blake. That case has connections to previous criminal activities and at that moment he did not stand down after being shot with a taser and was said to be carrying a knife, proven by investigators later. Still, this article is about what took place after and the utter chaos that followed.

While many people would be quick to condemn this kid who travelled over some states with an assault rifle to willfully associate himself with the situation, these alleged peaceful demonstrators were not so that week and 2 days. While the mainstream ran a different narrative, real journalists on the field risked their lives to get the real stories. I still hold to every 1 in 20 protests get out of control, that night Rittenhouse defended himself and killed two people was one of the most dangerous this year.

In the matter of freedom of speech and expression, protesting is a right although, burning down businesses and government buildings are going too far. Of course, vigilantes of the other side would want to rally up and play some defence since the cops there seemly let it go on and on. Wikipedia is reporting $50 million dollars worth of damages that could of lead to something of much worse. Petrol stations were targets were stopped by the brave souls who took on the mob, with old mate Kyle being one of them.

Then let’s talk about the only deaths caused by 17 year old Rittenhouse’s hands… The footage clearly shows a bunch of people swarming him and attacking him, where you have to assume if he had no gun they would have destroyed him, limb from limb. Having the gun, implementing the firearm defending himself is a natural response although playing god was wrong. Summing up my question from the title, the good intentions (Also helping injured BLM) had does not outweigh playing god in getting to the location in the first place.

In a recent failed effort to dismiss charges, there are grounds for limited punishment even if there were other influences at play. But the same should go for those overreacting to an event of a questionable individual, equal punishment to the many that wanted to blow up petrol stations, potentially killing more people. Even in lockdown, they should not be exempt and have fair addied time to their jail sentence. To conclude my thoughts, none of them are heroes, and for the most part, are simply fools.

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