50 It’sAGundam Videos (YouTube)

A list created by Lee Sonogan

It'sAGundam - YouTube

In all the individuals on the internet and the world, this YouTuber covers all the lame. He describes himself The voice of a disenfranchised generation Culture critic, trash Comedian, failed musician I’m the triple threat. Commentary on people you have not heard off for good reason unless you are obsessed with the niches these people do, it calls out the lowest denominator in a funny way. Demonetised for telling the truth, I am glad I found this rare gem this year.

War is Peace, Freedom Is ls Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength is proudly displayed on his banner art. With just over half of a million followers, this personality has no fear. There is an Australian known as Bearing that does similar stuff but that if another 50 video list to be compiled together maybe in 2021?



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